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When you think of Boston cuisine, you probably think of New England’s best traditional food and then some. Boston has emerged as one of the best cities for foodies looking for more than clam chowder — but, if that’s your favorite, know that the city has it in abundance. Whether you’re in search of your next hang-out spot, or a future Bostonian looking for apartments for rent in Boston and in need of a good meal, check out the city’s must-try restaurants!

1. Fox & the Knife

You might know chef Karen Akunowicz from her run on “Top Chef” a few years back, and she definitely lives up to the hype here. What’s more, Fox & the Knife has been a true example of how to run a business and keep your customers coming for more. The menu has everything you could want in quintessential Italian dining: the class, the sophistication and, most important, the flavor.

2. Tasting Counter

As far as dining experiences go, you can’t go wrong with the Tasting Counter. The 20-seat counter-style experience welcomes guests to peek inside the open kitchen area where some of the most elaborate dishes are expertly prepared. Plus, dining here requires a reservation, and the ticketing system is just one more element that makes eating at the Tasting Counter comparable to a theater outing.

3. Cusser’s

We can’t discuss Boston food without talking about lobster rolls and where you can get the best in town. The answer to that is simple: Cusser’s. Part of Mooncusser Fish House and Moon Bar, Cusser’s is the quick street food alternative where you can get some of the best seafood and roast beef sandwiches in all of New England.

4. Tipping Cow

With more than 100 flavors to choose from, Tipping Cow ice cream is a must while you’re here, even if you’re just visiting. The colorful, custard-based creations range anywhere from classic flavors to nut-free and dairy-free options. Plus, there are so many delicious vegan concoctions! Not in the mood for ice cream? Then go for a hot chocolate, a nice sundae or a good-old milkshake — Tipping Cow has it all.

5. Pagu

Pagu is one of those places where you can taste the love in every bite — a love for cooking, the community and the entire world. This might why Pagu has so many regulars. Or, maybe it’s just the extraordinary fusion menu that makes it so hard to pick just one dish. Whatever you decide to go with, just make sure to leave room for their famous ramen.

6. Gustazo

Known for its good food, festive decor and family-friendly atmosphere, Gustazo now has two locations. These are the best spots in town to get Cuban food and top it off with an excellent daiquiri. Get ready for a colorful ambiance and some of the best tapas-style meals of your life — vegetarian options included!

7. Sarma

Nightly specials, seasonal menus, quality serving, great variety and one of the coziest atmospheres make Sarma one of the top restaurants in Boston. This restaurant specializes in Middle Eastern and Turkish food, with each bite packing enough flavor to make you a regular guest from the get-go.

8. Black Lamb

Black Lamb is a Boston restaurant that can easily become anyone’s next favorite spot to hang out and have dinner. Come for the brasserie’s oysters, shareable meals, lobster and crab legs, but stay for the long, long, long list of cocktails designed to please the taste buds of each and every guest.

9. Juliet

Think fine dining without the pretentiousness and you’ll immediately understand why Juliet is a neighborhood favorite. The poster child for cozy neighborhood restaurants, Juliet can turn what would normally be a regular meal into an experience. The amazing staff is there to welcome you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, whether you’re in for a quick drink or a full-on feast.


Between Boston and its surroundings, one might say the area has enough Peruvian options, but none of them is quite like Celeste. The restaurant started as a home-based pop-up project and, although it turned into something much more than that, you can still pick up on the warm, homey vibe. If you’re lucky enough to pass its threshold, make sure you try the ceviche.


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