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Not many cities have what Boston has: fresh breeze and picturesque beaches less than an hour away. The city already has bragging rights with plenty of outdoor activities and events, so adding a list of amazing beaches to the mix seems like cheating. If you speak with a local, chances are they already have a favorite beach. And, if you’re looking for apartments in Boston, don’t forget to do some research on the beaches nearby — it might make the decision easier. To help with that decision, here’s a list of our favorite beaches in Boston:

Carson Beach

Those living in South Boston sure are a lucky bunch. The area has some of the best public beaches, and Carson Beach takes the cake. If you’re looking for a quiet spot to contemplate life’s meaning in the summertime, this might not be it due to its popularity. However, the water is perfect for swimming during the hot summer months, it has volleyball courts, great bike trails, bathhouses, cute picnic tables and cool views of the harbor.

Constitution Beach

East Boston doesn’t fall too short either as Constitution Beach has a special place in the hearts of many Bostonians. This is a less crowded option for those looking for a more serene beach experience. Opened at the beginning of the 1950s, the man-made beach is known locally as Shays Beach and has all the shore amenities you’d expect. You might even enjoy some nice plane spotting due to its location opposite Logan International Airport.

Castle Island Beach

Lovely seafood spots, cool breeze, amazing sunsets overlooking the Boston Harbor, great views of downtown, plus it’s dog friendly. What more could you ask for? Castle Island was once an actual island, but today is one of Boston’s most popular beaches, especially during the summer. Off-season, however, it becomes an amazing spot to cool off, take a breather and recharge while basking in the sun.

M Street Beach

Pretty close to Castle Island lies a favorite of the younger crowd: M Street Beach. It has a more chill, local vibe than others, with snack corners and food vendors ready to offer you the best of shore specialties. M Street Beach is the perfect spot to catch some sun, enjoy some fun beach games and catch up with friends.

Pleasure Bay Beach

Another Southie gem is Pleasure Bay, a lovely pocket of sandy fun during summertime right on William J. Day Boulevard. Together with M Street Beach, Carson Beach and L Street Beach, they make up a gorgeous continuous stretch of sand. With great views of nearby Pleasure Bay, this one is another local favorite.

Crane Beach

Located in Ipswich, Crane Beach is one of the pretty ones. The beachfront stretches for about 4 miles, complete with coastal dunes and… endangered bird programs. That’s because Crane Beach is not only a favorite destination for locals and outsiders alike, but also for shorebirds in search of nesting spots. It’s a perfect place for just about anyone, be it young people in search of fun, families with kids or active bodies looking for hiking trails.

Singing Beach

To get an idea of how lovely this spot on Beach Street is, it got its name because the dry sand seems to let out a musical sound when you walk on it. It’s quiet, clean, and you can easily get there by train if you don’t feel like driving. If that’s not enough to make you visit it, the rocky landscape in the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset makes for some great photo op destination.

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