5 Ways to Store Books in Your Apartment – Without Bookshelves or a Library


Although there are many ways to read books today that don’t include physical books, many people still prefer flipping the pages of an actual book when reading. But, for book lovers who live in an apartment, where to store all those books can become a problem.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for an apartment for rent for you and your books, there are some creative ways to store them without having to invest in a library or plain old bookshelves.

Stacking books and using them as decorative stands

Don’t want to invest in a stand for your candles or flowerpots? Stack your books on the floor, instead! Create various shapes of stands, such as a rectangle or pyramid, and finish them off with your favorite candle, vase, decorative figure or even your morning cup of coffee. Best of all, having the spines of the books facing out toward the room also makes it easy for you to see where your favorite books are in case you want to re-read them one day. You can also stack your books on tables or various furniture pieces.

Use crates and boxes

Storing books in crates and boxes that are esthetically pleasing allows you not only to store your books, but also to decorate your home with them. Plus, the type of crate or box you choose, can also influence the feel in your apartment, from rustic to modern, casual, or just plain chic. Moreover, storing your books in this way also allows you to easily look through your collection when you need to decide what to read next.

Keep books underneath or above a coffee table or bar cart

Do you have a coffee table or bar cart in your apartment? If so, you can also give these pieces of furniture a new purpose with your books. For instance, if your coffee table has storage space below, place some books, candles or diffusers there to add a few easy and simple decorative accents to your apartment. You could also place a book or two on top of the coffee table and then set your coffee mug with its plate right on top of or next to them, depending on how big your table is.

The same goes for your bar cart. Having some of your favorite books next to your favorite beverages will make you that much more eager to grab either or both of them from the cart, while also adding an extra, unique touch to your apartment.

Store books beneath or at the foot of the bed

Depending on the type of bed you have in your apartment, you might have some space either beneath it or at the foot or side of the bed. A great storage place overall, this is also a good option for storing books, especially if there’s room in the bed frame that allows for the books to be seen. This could add an extra, decorative flair to your bedroom and make it that much more unique, while also allowing you to quickly grab a book to read before going to sleep.

Place books on the wall as decorative pieces

If your apartment has wall space meant pictures or any other decorative pieces, consider putting some books there, as well. Specifically, those with incredibly decorated book covers, could be shown off here, similar to how you would display a poster or a picture. So, prop up some books facing the room not only to fill up the space, but also to store them while giving them a new purpose other than being read.

Although, living in an apartment comes with certain space limitations, there are many creative ways to store all of your things, even books. So, when you look for your next rental, don’t worry about getting rid of your book collection – you won’t have to!

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