How to Decorate for the Romantic in You


It’s February, and you can almost feel the shift in the air as the world puts on its heart-shaped glasses.

When people think of romantic style, their minds usually go in one of two different directions: vintage, soft elements reminiscent of romanticism, or a Valentine’s Day extravaganza straight out of your pinkest fantasies. Fortunately, whichever way you choose when incorporating romantic elements into your home design, there are no wrong answers if you stick to your vision — and to a few rules.

Making your home more romantic doesn’t mean you have to bring out the heart decorations and turn your living room fuchsia from top to bottom. Nor does it have to mean importing French toiles and installing chandeliers around the house. But, there are aspects that you must consider when giving your home a romantic makeover. And, because romance means something different to everyone, we put together a few pointers when decorating for the romantic in you.

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is an integral part of a romantic vibe. We’re talking warm, cozy light — not hospital tube light fixtures — and none of the harsh blue light, either. For those without a fireplace, the next best thing when considering warm light is candles, whether they’re real or battery-powered. Plus, candles scattered around the house or placed together in a specific corner make for romantic decor — whether they’re lit or not.

Alternatively, if candles aren’t your thing, a sparkly string of lights can do the trick, too. For example, fairy lights give a whimsical vibe wherever you put them, even outside for the neighbors to see.

Not a fan of fairy lights, either? Try lampshades, which are sure to tie the whole place together in the form of reading lamps or table lamps in different sizes. Meanwhile, keep in mind that, although chandeliers are optional, pendant lamps with warm light make for an inviting atmosphere overall.

There’s more to red and pink

The downside to making your home look more romantic is how easily it can transition into tackiness — especially if your space starts feeling more like Candy Land and less like a functional dwelling. That’s why color coordination, in particular, is so important.

Balancing the color palette is important even when your vision includes true red and lots of pinks. For starters, one trick is to choose a light neutral — like cream or white — as a backdrop. Then, select toned-down hues of red, pink and even purple. Specifically, light or dusty shades of pink can help create a dreamy atmosphere, especially when paired with the right lighting. Inviting, rosy hues can also be created by choosing lamps with deep red shades or hanging sheer, reddish curtains.

Even so, aficionados of fiery red and hot pink can rest easy, as well. You can definitely still use even the most powerful shades and jewel tones to make a statement — especially on smaller items, such as photo frames, candle holders or coasters.

Go Bohemian

Many interior styles have romantic elements that can be used to create great results, including Cottage, Tuscan and Victorian, just to name a few. But, perhaps the most romantic one on the list, Boho, doesn’t even favor opulence or powerful colors like red or deep pink.

Boho is more than just earth tones and knitted throws on the couch. For instance, you can draw inspiration from its softer, natural color schemes, relaxed vibe and organized hodgepodge of patterns, such as flowy fabrics, textured linens, intricate tapestries, prints that refer back to other eras and area rugs that remind us of other cultures.

Don’t forget the florals

We can’t talk romantic design without discussing the most romantic pattern of all: florals. This classic pattern comes in all shapes and sizes, from cute and ditsy to huge and dominating. And, even the daintiest floral patterns can leave a lasting impression. Plus, you can use them on wallpaper, art pieces, upholstery, curtains and just about anywhere else, as long as they fit the color scheme and tie the room together to make your design bloom.

If you don’t have room for floral patterns, use flowers, instead. A variety of decorative plants and flowers are available, and perhaps none is more popular than the fluffy-looking pampas grass. And, while faux flowers can have the same softening effect, make sure the arrangement is well made so as not to cheapen the overall decor. If possible, go for fresh, natural flower arrangements for the additional bonus of heavenly scents around the house. Or, there’s always the possibility of adding dried flower decorations to add a vintage feel to the romantic vibe.

Keep it in the bedroom

Granted, a romantic vibe may not actually fit the entire home if you prefer your common spaces (like the living room or entertaining area) to have a balance between cozy and slick. And, while certain Boho or Cottagecore elements can certainly bring out the coziness of a place, balancing them out with more modern items can be quite difficult — and also takes a lot of mix and match. In this case, why not do the mixing and matching somewhere more intimate for your eyes only?

The bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with romantic interior design — especially if you have a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment with room to spare. Decadent silk bedding? Why not? Hot pink statement pieces? Sure! The best part is the lighting, which is crucial in setting up a romantic atmosphere. Because the bedroom is meant for sleeping, feel free to dim as much as you’d like and try out different lamps, shades and spots that tickle your fancy.

There are no downsides to making your home feel more romantic for you, your loved ones and even your guests. Plus, there are many ways to create a romantic feel that can go from sensual for your private quarters to inviting for the common areas and anywhere in between.

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