Apartment Onsite Teams Day – Give Thanks to Your Community Staff


This July 14th marks the second Apartment Onsite Teams Day. The date has been set by the National Apartment Association alongside multifamily leaders as a way of thanking essential industry workers for the dedication shown during the COVID-19 crisis. And you can be part of it too!

Residents can show appreciation to all the essential workers who have been keeping apartment communities together during these trying times.  You can do just that through a quick social media shout-out using the hashtag #APTeamsDay and give thanks to those who have looked after us, our families and our communities.

Join Us in Gratitude

A simple “Thank you” goes a long way, especially now. We here at RENTCafé acknowledge the continuous effort and commitment of our onsite teams across the country and we’d like to invite you to join us in showing appreciation to those who have made all the difference in our communities.

If you too would like to give thanks, you can screenshot the graphic below courtesy of Yardi, our sister company. Fill it out and simply post it on your preferred social media platforms with the official hashtag #APTeamsDay. Or, feel free to honor professionals who have been there for us and kept our homes safe by posting pictures, videos and other messages applauding their efforts.

The Power of Thanks

The COVID-19 crisis has made us realize how deserving of our gratitude essential housing workers really are. Their work ethic and adaptability made it easier for us to stay at home knowing that someone is keeping an eye out. If you too want to give back, take some time to thank and give credit to those who have kept us safe and rose to the occasion by giving them a quick shout-out.

This Wednesday, July 14th, help us say “Thank you” to the people who continue to keep residents happy and make living in our communities safer — no matter the situation. Here’s to another well-deserved Apartment Onsite Teams Day!

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